Kingian Nonviolence 

Kingian Nonviolence Trainings are based on the life, work, and teachings of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Right Here's training experiences develop an understanding of the different forms of conflict, center in on the 6 principles and 6 steps of nonviolence social change, review significant nonviolence campaigns that changed laws in the United States, and foster cooperative problem solving strategies needed to improve families and communities.


2 Day Core Workshop

Through participatory and experiential learning the Introduction to Kingian Nonviolence Two-Day Core Workshop gives an overview of the life, work, and teachings of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In this dynamic workshop participants will discover King's philosophy and methodology of nonviolence and engage a framework for reconciliation that builds King's vision of the Beloved Community. 

This transformational workshop has served thousands of people to understand the richness of the philosophy of nonviolence and offers each participant the invitation to practice the excellent and noble vision of Dr. King in their own lives whether at work, home, or in the community. 


  • Listening

  • Gaining Perspective

  • Conflict

  • Violence

  • Peace

  • Nonviolence

  • 6 Principles

  • 6 Steps

  • Historical Movements

  • Social Change Models


The curriculum for this workshop was designed by Dr. Bernard LaFayette and David Jehnsen. Dr. LaFayette was a Civil Rights Movement activist, minister, educator, co-founder of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), director of the Selma Voting Rights Campaign, and a close friend and confidant of Dr. King. Further, Dr. LaFayette's life work is an affirmative response to Dr. King's charge to him to "internationalize" and "institutionalize" nonviolence. The Kingian Nonviolence Trainings, based on this curriculum, have been taught and implemented nationally and internationally for over 3 decades! Peace Right Here proudly continues the legacy of Dr. King and the work of Dr. LaFayette.